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General Contractor

When I began the process of finding a new home I was fortunate enough to start on the right track by using Charlie Neimeyer as my Realtor. “Start things on the right foot” they say, and I certainly did. Charlie not only helped me find a great house but also a great contractor. Jason Stinson, of Minneapolis-based Stinson Builders Inc., built Charlie’s house from the ground up, so he was certainly familiar with Jason’s formidable talents.

It is worth mentioning that Charlie comes from an interior design background and obviously has a good eye and a deep understanding of building. It is worth further mention that Charlie is meticulous; he is always pressed and polished and you could eat off of his car interior. Point is, he is a demanding and detail-oriented man and that comes in handy for finding you a home and particularly handy in vetting a general contractor.

Where was I? Oh yes, Jason. Jason is a ray of sunshine in a dark world. He always wears a smile and is one of the most accommodating and helpful people I have ever worked with. (You may notice a trend here, as each person on my “team” seems to be “that great.” I think that is because they all came to me through two really great people.) Jason has some amazing projects under his belt and has given my small project his utmost attention. He’s not one of those guys who will only work with an “ideal” and does not know how to find the best compromise (very important when it comes to renovating as opposed to building anew.) He has more then enough ideas to throw at you when you are stumped and is great at taking the rains when you remain stumped.

So far, we have been in the early development stages, so look for new updates on our collaborations and results.


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