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Stinson Builders

While working on our own home my wife and decided to create a framework to help guide our decision making. While putting our ideas into writing I saw an opportunity to lay a foundation for all our future projects. From this point forward this is The Stinson Builders manifesto:

We pledge to:

  1. View the creation of your new home as: an adventure, an opportunity for expression, a learning and educating experience, and did I mention have fun.
  2. Respect the land, surrounding community, and existing stuctures.
  3. Listen, communicate clearly, and express our ideas and concerns.
  4. Reuse materials when ever possible/ and recycle what ever we can recycle.
  5. Use sustainable products when ever possible including all FCS certified lumber.
  6. Use non-toxic products: low/no voc emitting products.
  7. Catalogue MSDS sheets for all materials used and be able to clearly explain why we chose any product we use in the construction of your project.
  8. Build a healthy home in which children can grow up safely.
  9. Seek the knowledge and experience of other experts and resources.
  10. Explain our mission to all people working on the project and clearly express our desire to have them join in.
  11. Use products that conserve energy and will pay for them selves in 10 years.
  12. Use locally-made products when possible.
  13. Respect the existing materials with in a home by keeping our work areas clean and properly protecting any items we may have to work around.
  14. Approach building as a craftsman or artisian.

Stinson Builders

315 West 48th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 824-5100
lc# 20520444