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Rainwater Collection For Reuse In The Landscape

LAI has designed an affordable solution for collection and reuse of rainwater in cold climates to essentially eliminate the need for potable water to be used in the irrigation of the landscape. This can be done with both new construction and renovation projects. As shown in the image below we are demonstrating one of many ways to effectively disconnect your irrigation system from either a well source or city water source as a means to conserve the valuable resource and save money!  [Read more →]

March 13, 2010   2 Comments

Landscape Design with Salvaged Stone

The use of salvaged stone and salvaged building materials is becoming a great way to be green and save money on your renovation and landscape projects while adding tons of character. Our office is known with the local quarries and stone yards for scouring the back of their lots for salvaged, special order materials that have been returned, or what they would consider left over scraps and incorporating these one of kind materials in our design process early on. [Read more →]

December 21, 2009   Comments Off on Landscape Design with Salvaged Stone

Egress windows

Egress windows are one of the best ways to increase the usable space in a home as well as one of the best ways to increase a home’s value (IMHO.) One thing people forget is the landscaping and the look of the well itself. Jason Stinson from Minneapolis’ Stinson Builders and Stephen Mastey, from St. Paul’s landscaper, Landscape Architecture Inc., have been very helpful in discussing these factors. [Read more →]

October 29, 2009   Comments Off on Egress windows

Grading and plans

Landscape Architects Inc.

Landscape Architects Inc.

Stephen Mastey, Principal at Landscape Architecture Inc. Came over today and discussed fixing the grading on the East side of the house. The current situation is dire with a deep recession in the middle and a high berm in the front and elevated area in the back. This is a recipe for disaster. The only reason that the basement is dry is because of the fine sugar sand below which drains like the dickens. [Read more →]

October 15, 2009   1 Comment

Landscaping or Landscape Architecture

I met with the brilliant people at Landscape Architecture inc. today and went over their designs and ideas. It’s amazing seeing the level of creativity and knowledge these people have. We had met once before; walking around the property and me babbling on. [Read more →]

October 6, 2009   Comments Off on Landscaping or Landscape Architecture