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Mood lighting

It’s amazing how well-placed, and well-chosen, lighting fixtures can change your life. Reducing power usage is well and good but beyond that, lighting can help create a mood. It can change a space drastically by opening it up, making it lighter, warmer, cooler; whatever floats your boat. Our kitchen is a great example. The Stafford Home Service folks installed lighting that seemed like a good idea when they installed it, but now that the kitchen is done, it was freakin’ fantastic! [Read more →]

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Green electricians are about accuracy

When we think of a green electrician, we may think of dimmers, low-voltage lighting, energy-efficient appliances and the like, but there are other factors to consider. Recently, Kris, from Stafford Home Service, dropped in at the last minute. My kitchen cabinet installers were coming in and, upon hearing this, Kris wanted to make sure the installation guys were conscious of the electrical decisions and needs. [Read more →]

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Whole House Control and Automation Systems

When renovating or remodeling your home you might want to consider a whole house control and automation system for your audio and video needs. Setting up a whole house control and automation system can be a complicated and overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  Prodigy by Crestron is an affordable and simple control system that can control your audio and video systems as well as HVAC, lighting and security system. These systems can be accessed from anywhere in your home, or in the world for that matter. [Read more →]

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Recessed Lighting

If you’re going to remodel your home, or just looking for an easy renovation, recessed lighting might be something to consider. It’s an easy way to update your home, can be part of a green remodeling plan, and also can be a budget renovation solution (it has a huge visual impact to cost ratio.) The electrical experts at Stafford Home Service will definitely be able to help you. Even if you think there’s no way recessed lighting could work in your home, the Stafford will find a way. [Read more →]

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Dimmer light switches are green

I was asked recently what one of the easiest ways to go green. Dimmer light switches are right there at the top.

Three quick advantages with using dimmer switches:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption, Dim your lights by quarter & save up to 20 percent Dim by half and save up to 40 percent.
  • Increased Bulb Life, If you are dimming the light by just 10 percent it more than doubles the life of the bulb.
  • Mood, A softer light is more comforting and sets a relaxing atmosphere.

[

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Should you upgrade your electrical panel or fuse box ?

This is a question that comes up quite often with our clients at Stafford Home Service electrical. Many people are concerned about safety or are interested in upgrading the mechanicals in their home. Here’s a quick list to help you make your decision. As always, we at Stafford Home Service are available to answer your questions and support your needs. Give us a call today and allow us to help you. [Read more →]

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Minature recessed lighting

Kris from Stafford Home Services’ Minneapolis electricians suggested a miniature recessed light for the tight space above the basement landing. The unit he suggested, and has installed before, is the Gimbal Ring – HR-1137 from W.A.C Lighting. It’s a slick little unit at a mere 3″ high and 2 3/4″ wide. I also noticed that uses an easy to find MR11 bulb which even has LED options out there. Nice!

November 10, 2009   Comments Off on Minature recessed lighting

Stafford Home Services

The Stafford team descended on Desonyer this week like an parachute brigade. A particularly effective and talented brigade at that. The week started with George from Stafford HVAC laying out the ducts and discussing placement of ducts as well as the placement of the new furnace and AC unit. He was very patient and helpful, offering many options and their benefits. These guys don’t just know how to do things one way, they are full of ideas and are flexible as heck. That’s a good thing in my book. [Read more →]

November 6, 2009   1 Comment

Let there be, better, light

Old lighting fixturesAs we did our original walkthrough, Kris, from Stafford Home Services, said that recessed lighting would make a dramatic difference in the space, especially in the bedrooms. Boy was he right. Today the Stafford Home Services Electrical guys installed the lighting in the bedrooms and hallways. What an amazing difference. The ceilings are not short but they certainly seemed lower with the old ceiling units in there. [Read more →]

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Home Services

Jason Stinson has the most amazing sub’s (subcontractors.) They just do great work and are great people, across the board. My most recent experience with this is Stafford Home Services. They are a one-stop-shop for Electrical, HVAC, Low voltage and all the services in-between. Low voltage being media rooms, recessed speakers, sound systems, security systems and the like. [Read more →]

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