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Mood lighting

It’s amazing how well-placed, and well-chosen, lighting fixtures can change your life. Reducing power usage is well and good but beyond that, lighting can help create a mood. It can change a space drastically by opening it up, making it lighter, warmer, cooler; whatever floats your boat. Our kitchen is a great example. The Stafford Home Service folks installed lighting that seemed like a good idea when they installed it, but now that the kitchen is done, it was freakin’ fantastic!

We installed:

  • Under-cabinet lighting, to light up the counters
  • Toekick lighting, with makes it easier to clean but mosly it lightens up the space, making it feel fun and less heavy. I HIGHLY recommend getting this!
  • Track lighting, ’cause you know you are going to want to move the lighting, over time and also be able to add color, change appliances.
  • Recessed lighting, to lift up the ceiling and create a wide-open feel.

Kris, from Stafford home service is a freaking genius. Seriously, he has a great eye and comes up with creative ideas. He also is very careful about waste and wasted time. For instance, he would not install the countertop lighting until the counters were in place as he wanted to make sure the lighting was exact. I never would have thought of that.

Anyway, back to the mood: It’s important to think of how you are going to use the space, and how you like to live; then find a great electrician, like Stafford’s, and tell them what you have in mind, and have them discuss the options. You can do some research online, but I find I was a lot more successful having an electrician who has installed so many appliances he just knew how it would look and could explain it to me so I could make a decision that worked best for me.

Don;t take lighting for granted. It’s how we see and enjoy the world.