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Ecobee smart thermostat installed

After reading about the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, and it’s cool green technology and remote control abilities (iPhone and iPad control!) I ordered one online. Dan at Stafford Home Service installed it in less then an hour. The guys at Stafford were already pretty knowledgable about the ecobee and were more then willing to help. Dan was excited that I was looking at green, cutting-edge technology. If you ever have any questions about anything in this area, give him a call.

I love how I can access the eco thermostat from my iPhone and iPad. It allows me to keep the heat low and then turn it up on my way home! Awesome! It also shows me realtime weather reports and has an algorithm that automatically automates my settings and helps me use less energy. The calendar is incredible as is the web portal (you can take a look from your office, or change your settings while on vacation).

Here’s a quick video we made (it’s a little rough, but we did it on a whim):

Features include:


The Program button shows you how your thermostat is currently programmed. The program Wizard function lets you easily create a basic program for your thermostat. The Editor function helps you create more advanced programming.


The Details button gives you access to all of your heating and cooling settings. You can scroll lists by dragging your finger across the screen to see the full range of options.


Let your ecobee Smart Thermostat alert you if there is a problem with your system. You can also send custom messages from your web portal to people at home.

Quick Save

Quick Save works just like a light switch. Touch the Quick Save button and your thermostat will automatically set your system to conserve energy and save you money, making it easy to run an energy efficient house.


The Weather button provides you with the latest weather forecasts for your area.

Remote Access

The WiFi enabled Smart Thermostat offers you remote access allowing you to control your HVAC system from anywhere at any time with no additional monthly or annual fees. You can control your HVAC system through your secure, personal web portal anywhere there is an Internet connection. Or, download the ecobee Smart Thermostat iPhone and iPod Touch app free of charge from the iTunes store.


Reports is a tool that gives you the ability to track the performance of your HVAC system. It will show you the performance over a 3 day period or of any day since the thermostat was installed.

Access to reports allows you to understand:

  • How your indoor temperature and humidity vary
  • How quickly your heating or cooling system can recover from a setback
  • How long your system has to run to maintain the temperature in your home
  • How the outdoor weather affects your heating and cooling

Reports gives you greater control over your HVAC system and home comfort.