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Clean air in your home

I’ve noticed that I get headaches and stuffed up these past few years, except in summer, when the windows are open. I thought my previous house was clean but recently I have found otherwise. First, Dan at Stafford Home Service advised me to get a larger (wider?) whole-house air filter, then he installed a UV bulb. This has made a pretty significant difference. Although I had previously had an electrostatic filter, he did not see the benefit, especially considering the price (always nice to know a contractor who is trying to get you better service and a better budget!) One of the other things we did was to install the returns in the attic. This has had to significant benefits, one, it created more space in the basement, two, the returns are not sucking up the dirt along the floor. This is something I observed myself, and I’m pretty happy Stafford recommend it.

I also started using a Roomba. This has made a huge difference as well. A huge difference! I can;t say how awesome these little guys are! And my house is a lot less dusty! It’s also an incentive to keep the floor clear as I know Roomba will be doing the cleaning for me. Awesome!