Renovation with Green, Efficiency and budget in mind
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Need a new furnace? We at Stafford Home Service have been installing furnaces in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and greater Twin Cities area for over 50 years.

Letting Stafford Home Services choose the right furnace for you is not only easy, it’s green as well! –We’re talking environmentally conscious, 90-95% AFUE Bryant units that lower utility bills, and are so technologically advanced that they use computer generated algorithms to know how long to run and how much heat to produce. Many of us consider the environment when making renovation decisions, and choosing a furnace is no exception. According to, one of the best ways to protect the environment is to purchase energy efficient products that require fewer energy resources to operate. Not only will you make a difference to the environment, you’ll also save on operating costs. Make sure your heating and cooling products have high energy efficiency ratings such as SEER and AFUE.

Another great way is by using Energy Star products.  Stafford Home Service use many Energy Star products in their work. “ENERGY STAR promotes energy efficiency among residential appliances, because household appliances have the potential to contribute a great deal to air pollution. ENERGY STAR promotes energy efficient furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners, and thermostats, among other products.” (source:

The 80% rating that used to be a great is now a thing of the past. Now units can be rated 90-95%. AFUE means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Your furnace’s AFUE tells you how much energy is being converted to heat.  For example, AFUE of 90 means that 90% of the fuel is being used to warm your home, while the other 10% escapes as exhaust with the combustion gases.

We all want lower bills, right?  Having Stafford Home Service install a Bryant gas furnace in your home you could lower you utility bill by 50%?  By knowing when to turn on and how much heat to produce Bryant Brand furnaces can reduce the amount of heat and energy you use. Dan from Stafford Home Service will help chose the right model for you.

These Bryant brand furnaces are so advanced they use computer generated algorithms to know how long to run and how much heat to produce. Older model furnaces used to run for a set amount of time even if the house was warm enough. These energy efficient furnaces are also multi-stage and are able to tell how long they should run, in order to be most efficient.  Let’s say it’s a sunny day in December, your furnace might never reach its highest heat stage, it can tell that it only needs to stay in stage one, the lowest amount of heat. However, as the sun goes down it will also be able to tell if it is more efficient to jump to stage three, the highest amount heat, rather than going through all three stages.