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Concrete patching in basement

We dug up a 49′ x 2′ trench along two walls last weekend for the plumber. This weekend we patched it. It was way more work then I thought it would be. Here’s what I learned:

  • Use sand mix. Some places do not sell this and will try to sell you morter mix if you ask for sand mix. Don’t do it. The sand mix is the ideal thing for the small cracks in the existing concrete floor and the 1-2″ depth.
  • I didn’t use a bonding agent and it looks fine. To better seal the new concrete to the old, the concrete guys recommend mixing this in.
  • Get a mixer! I rented an electric mixer that we brought right into the basement. It was $40 for the day and worth every penny. Mixing concrete is hard work!
  • Follow the instructions and then test it, for each batch, before using. Batch to batch inconsistencies make for necessary testing.
  • The wetter the mix, within reason, the harder it sets and the longer it takes.
  • Rent, or buy tools. Get a rough trowel and a smooth. To go more quickly, get a few more rough trowels and have multiple people going at it at once. It’s tough for more then one, possibly two, working on the finish trowel.
  • Expect to be very sore. Icing a floor with stone frosting is hard work! That and you are hunched over for hours. Stretch when you are done and drink water!
  • Wear gloves and masks. It’s dusty work.
  • It took four of us 7 hours. We were all rookies though.

Good luck!