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Best HVAC installer in Minneapolis and St. Paul

I think the Stafford Home Service guys are the best HVAC installer in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They have been so helpful and patient with this crazy process. They have found very creative ways to work around the old framing and our need to pack things in tightly to maximize usable space. Many contractors would just go the direct, and easy, route and take up a lot of space. –It maximizes their profits but minimizes your usable space.

In looking for an HVAC contractor, I recommend finding one that will give you many options and thoroughly discuss the pros and cons. Since renovation projects require so much on the fly changes and so many compromises, you want to know that your HVAC contractor can think creatively as well as aggressively protect your interests. In the case of Stafford Home Service’s HVAC installation, they have went to the trouble of splitting ducts to get around a beam, tucking things in hard to reach areas and placed the returns in the attic to give more headroom in the basement. Now that’s some great HVAC service.

Add to all that, just the other day I come in late, just to check up on the place and Stafford is still there, working overtime to get the furnace in. Nice!