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Landscaping or Landscape Architecture

I met with the brilliant people at Landscape Architecture inc. today and went over their designs and ideas. It’s amazing seeing the level of creativity and knowledge these people have. We had met once before; walking around the property and me babbling on. Somehow they managed to catch some ideas I had and created something of such beauty, and so close to what I wanted (but could not quite explain), that I swear they got into my head using freaky methods like in the movie Scanners (I have been having nose-bleeds…) I guess I mentioned “Japanese garden” and “Modern”, “Green”, etc… and they designed a space that is breathtaking. If I can find a way to make it happen (some of their ideas are pretty elaborate), you will see for yourself. If not, I will frame it and show it all to you (with the tagline “Wishing” on the frame.)

Just a few visuals: A tea house, a bubbling waterfall, a Japanese pool and a rain garden. Now I know why I got those 6′ windows in the back.