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Egress windows

Egress windows are one of the best ways to increase the usable space in a home as well as one of the best ways to increase a home’s value (IMHO.) One thing people forget is the landscaping and the look of the well itself. Jason Stinson from Minneapolis’ Stinson Builders and Stephen Mastey, from St. Paul’s landscaper, Landscape Architecture Inc., have been very helpful in discussing these factors. So many people just lay down a plastic barrier or a metal wall and forget that they’ll be staring at this wall every time they are in this room. Sure, you may save a few dollars, but better to do something right the first time. Especially when that decision creates such a visual impact.

Of course, placement is a very important issue as well. Ideally, you have an architect a builder and a landscaper work with you on this. If you get a great contractor, like Jason, and a great landscape architect, like Stephen, you can get all the essentials (important if you are adding an egress window as a stand-alone project and want to keep costs down.) The light is very important, of course, but other factors are perhaps even more important, like placement of pipes and supports, stacked stone or concrete with facing brick, safety and code, and one of the most important: drainage! Working so close to the foundation, you definitely do not want to create a source for water intrusion.

So, don’t do it on the cheap and hire some shop who whips up an all-vinyl solution, willy-nilly. Hire a top builder and landscape designer and get it done right.