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Demolition madness! (with a lotta help from my friends)

Demolition has started. We have been tearing down just about everything. Fortunately I have wonderful friends who have broken their backs, punctured their flesh and generally made themselves miserable to bring this house some new life. First I would like to thank those who helped:

  • Emily Anleu (my wonderful girlfriend and biggest helper ever!)
  • Mike Livingston
  • Jeff Klug
  • Michael Parker
  • Clint
  • Eric Hall (of Avatar Training Studio)
  • Nick Buettner
  • Molly Green
  • Blake Darsow
  • Suzanne Pfeiffer

I am so thankful for all of your help!!!

It was unbelievably hard work. The previous builder must have had stock in a nail company because I have never seen so many nails used in all my life. It was ridiculous.

This is what we did:

  • Removed basement walls including a 20″ long organization center and a cedar closet. Down to the concrete block.
  • Removed basement ceiling
  • Removed all flooring on 1st floor except original oak (in bathroom and hallway)
  • Removed ceiling in kitchen and back addition.
  • Removed walls in Kitchen and back addition.
  • Removed rear addition walls.
  • Removed rear addition bathroom.
  • Removed rear addition closet.
  • Moved Rear addition windows, removed one.
  • Removed kitchen cabinets and sink
  • Removed carpeting from front addition.
  • Removed carpeting from rear addition.
  • removed tile from kitchen.
  • removed Kitchen pantry.
  • Removed 3rd bedroom closet.
  • Removed Stairway walls.
  • Removed plumbing from rear bathroom.
  • Removed sewer line, all the way to the main stack.
  • Removed Stairway.
  • Removed chimney.