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Jason Stinson has the most amazing sub’s (subcontractors.) They just do great work and are great people, across the board. My most recent experience with this is Stafford Home Services. They are a one-stop-shop for Electrical, HVAC, Low voltage and all the services in-between. Low voltage being media rooms, recessed speakers, sound systems, security systems and the like.

Kris and Dan, partners at Stafford and Jesse, head of low-voltage, came in and created a whole slew of new opportunities for the house. It’s amazing what you learn and what opportunities can be opened up by people who really know their stuff and work together well. It’s also very helpful to have all of these people under one roof, as their work is so interdependent. Not only did they come up with better ideas (IMHO), they also save us time by communicating more fluidly then disparate subcontractors. And, like all of Jason’s subcontractors, they are perfectionists, care deeply about their work and are easy-going and fun to be around. Seriously, I can’t imagine working with a better team.

For our little project they will be doing the following:

  • Redoing most of the electrical in the home while bringing up the old wiring to code
    • Moving the electrical mast to the garage.
    • Installing a 150AMP service (50 to the garage, 100 to the house.)
    • Installing 220V in the garage (for welding, air compressor, etc…)
    • Running the electrical from the garage, through a trench (which we dug) to the house.
    • Moving the panel to a better location (allowing us to move the stair and consolidate utility space.)
  • New electrical for the kitchen
    • Kitchen lighting.
    • Wall oven.
    • Cook top.
    • Bar refrigerator.
    • Under-counter lighting.
    • Counter-top power.
    • Exhaust hood.
  • Cleaning up the gas line in the basement
  • New lighting
    • Dimmer switches for better efficiency.
    • Recessed lighting for higher ceiling clearance.
    • Under-counter lighting.
    • New entrance lighting
  • Installing a new furnace.
  • Installing a new AC unit.
  • Installing an Ecobee HVAC controller for greener heating and cooling.
  • Installing recessed speakers in the kitchen.
  • Installing a media room in the basement.
  • Installing HDMI cables, USB and speaker cables so we can centralize the media source (PS3, Wii and Blu-ray on every screen!)
  • Installing a security system in the entire house, including basement and garage.
  • And a whole slew of other things (will be updated)

Stay tuned for updates from the Stafford team!

Stafford Home Services