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You can’t start a good renovation project without a good architect. A good architect knows not only the form and function of a home but incredibly important details like how a person lives in a space and maddeningly complex things like codes, appliances, materials, good contractors, certifications, rebates, etc… Now that is a tall order. Fortunately I found all of that, and more, with Phillip Broussard from the St. Paul-based Architron.

From my meetings with Phillip I can say this: Make sure your architect is friendly, patient and has an eye for detail. Make sure they can talk about the smallest detail and then immediately jump out to the big picture. Talk to them about not only your goals for the project and the ideas you have but also about your lifestyle and how you live in a space. Listen a lot too. Ask questions about the architect’s lifestyle, ideas and goals as well. You are going to spend a lot of time with this person, so compatability is key. You have to find someone you trust your life with because that is what you are essentially creating; a new life. A new way to live and a new place to live.

Anyway, I cannot say enough about Phillip’s skillset. He’s a veritable cornucopia of information and is patient as a saint. I think I’ll start calling him St. Phil from this time on. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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